3 Reasons Early Learning Programs are So Important to Your Child’s Development

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It seems like kids these days come out of the womb holding a smartphone and a tablet, and too much screen media can be unhealthy for children. Instilling the importance of reading and education into your child at a young age is the first step in helping them succeed as adults.

With the help of quality early learning programs, your child can be in a safe, caring environment that stimulates their creativity and provides a solid foundation of knowledge. Child care that doubles as an educational tool is the perfect way to make sure your son or daughter is flourishing as much as possible when you’re away from them. Here are three important reasons that you should be considering early learning programs for your child.

    A child starts learning words around 15-18 months. A crucial part of child development is “striking while the iron is hot,” and early learning programs help do just that. Your child is learning things faster than you may be aware of, and failing to get them proper education at an early age can stifle their burgeoning intellectual growth. Toddlers at this age can get frustrated that they don’t have the skills to use these new words, so early learning is a great way to help them learn the basics of speaking and writing.

    Get your son or daughter a head start over other children. A recent analysis of 84 early learning programs found that children gained about a one-third of a year edge over kids who weren’t in these programs. This is a whopping percentage that shows just how useful early learning really is. Being ahead by more than three school months will make your child more confident when they enter kindergarten and, in some cases, help them eventually skip a year of school to accommodate for their advanced acumen.

    Early learning is a great investment. There’s no better way to invest in your child’s future than by enrolling them in an early learning program. High quality early education has a return on investment of about 10%, compared to a 7.2% ROI of the stock market. Getting your child a head start can reap benefits down the road in the form of grants and scholarships, putting thousands of dollars back in your pocket to enjoy a fruitful retirement.

There are just a few of the many reasons you should be enrolling your child in an early learning program. Besides helping them make friends and experience life outside your home, you’re providing your child with a strong base of education that will propel them forward into a successful life and career.

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