5 Creative Classes Your Child Can Take at Summer Camp

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Since a typical school day focuses on more analytical subjects, such as math and science, rather than creative subjects, such as dance and acting, you need to take advantage of the summer. Sure, there are many summer activities for kids at home to keep them active. However, unless you are very creative yourself, it will be hard to find summer activities for kids at home that spark their creative side. Your best bet is to find a summer camp that allows children to choose from creative areas, such as dance and acting. Then, once your child finds a creative activity he or she enjoys, you can find summer activities for kids at home that supplement what he or she learns at camp. Below are just a few of the creative classes that your kids can choose from when looking at creative summer camps.

Many summer camps offer dance classes for children to support creativity while keeping them active. The CDC actually recommends children get their exercise with activities such as dance classes at least three times per week. So a summer camp that offers dance classes three or more times a week will help keep children in shape, while allowing them to do something that they enjoy. The CDC also recommends a wide range of physical activities. Since there are so many forms of dance, children can strengthen different muscles by participating in different forms of dance. If your child currently takes ballet, consider letting them try a hip-hop class to promote even more creativity, while getting them to target different muscles. Many summer camps also offer toddler dance classes as well so they can start even earlier.

For children who are dramatic overall, you may consider letting them try acting. Many summer camps offer acting classes for children, which teach them the basics of acting. This type of camp allows children to interact with other children who have similar interests. If you aren’t sure whether or not your child would enjoy acting, consider having them attend a summer camp with many different creative programs so they can try each one.

There are many summer camps that offer art classes for children. For children who enjoy art, or who love making crafts, ask them if they would like to attend an art camp over the summer. This can help improve their art skills while they are doing something that the enjoy!

Many summer camps have music programs and music classes for children. However, there are also many summer camps dedicated specifically to music. If your child plays an instrument or would like to learn, ask them if they’d like to attend a music summer camp.


Some summer camps also offer gymnastics classes for children. If your child enjoys dance or cheerleading, you may want to ask them if they’d be interested in a gymnastics summer camp. Most gymnastics camps focus on all aspects of gymnastics, however, you may be able to sign them up for classes that focus on tumbling only.

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