8 Reasons Why Preschool Is a Good Idea

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Children are always learning. Their minds are like sponges from the time of birth all the way through middle school, high school and beyond sometimes. With all the resources at kids’ fingertips like the school library and honors programs and other things, it’s almost impossible for your child not to be learning all the time. So, in light of all of that, how important is the beginning? Is preschool really that crucial to a child’s development? According to several studies, preschool is in a necessary part of their growth. Let’s take a look at why preschool is important.

  1. Growth
    Yes, your child will grow at home but preschool provides a unique opportunity where they are in a structured setting with other children and teachers. They are being introduced to a whole new world of sharing and compromising and following instructions. The foundation for these things must begin at home but the real test is when those things are implemented outside of the home, which is a great part for preschool to play.

  2. Preparation
    Being in preschool will help you prepare your child for going into kindergarten so when they start regular school, it is not such a shock. There is a good balance between play time and learning time in preschool so it will wean them off the play time that will be taken away almost entirely, except for recess, once the child begins kindergarten.

  3. Development
    Children need to be stimulated socially and emotionally in order to develop properly. If a young child is able to spend some time away from his or her parents, this will give them the opportunity to learn how to trust and build friendships with those not in his own family and without the support of their parents. Preschools encourage and nurture relationships and friendships between the children as well as the teachers and the parents to.

  4. Structure
    It’s one thing to have boundaries and structure at home, but a child feels safe when they realize, everywhere they go has some sort of rules and regulations that need to be followed. The preschool provides a beginners version of structure as far as school goes and enforces these rules gently and effectively so that the children understand how far they can push the limits and where they end.

  5. Decisions
    Children should be allowed to make some decisions. As parents, it’s a lot easier for us to make the choices for our kids because it takes less time or whatever reason. However, preschool will allow the child an appropriate amount of independence when it comes to decision making. Teachers can pay attention and be able to see when a child has a hard time making choices compared to the other children and will begin to work with them and find out what the problem is.

  6. Language
    Being around other kids their age and slightly older will encourage language skills in the younger children. Talking progresses most between the ages of 2 and 5, which is exactly preschool age. If they are able to talk to other kids and teachers and people outside of their family as well as read books and sing and act out stories, the cognitive skills will be very well strengthened.

  7. Boosts
    Being in preschool gives children a slight advantage when they go into kindergarten. They will be ahead in math and reading skills because this is one of the things that most preschools focus on. Learning information through songs and stories is a great way for children to retain and remember things that will help them later on.

  8. Motor Skills
    Physical coordination can be improved by allowing the child to explore around his or her environment. This involves challenging themselves. A good preschool will include play time where the child can run, climb and play active games with the other children in order to develop find motor skills. Seemingly small activities like beading and cutting will help to build hand eye coordination.

As long as you choose a high quality program, your child will benefit a lot from preschool and you will begin to see how important it is for them to go through before entering kindergarten. It’s a great learning experience and helps to prepare them physically, emotionally and mentally for the coming years.

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