Are Their Education Programs For My Child Before The Age Of Three?

Preschool in pembroke pines

Whether a child is one or three, they are never too young to start an education program. Children love to learn and are continually learning from the moment they leave the womb. Young children best learn through play, as their attention spans are limited, and it is important for them to be taught in a way that will keep them entertained.
New preschools are becoming available for children aged one to five, and are teaching them by using art study. Studying art is more important than people may realize, and, in fact, Americans for the Arts reports that children who participate in the art for three hours a day three days per week are more likely to win an award for an essay or poem, participate in a science fair, and be recognized for academic achievements. They are also three times more likely to be recognized for they attendance.
These new schools can enhance a child’s preschool experience, and give them a head start. This is important because 46% of kindergarten teachers report that half of their students had difficulty in following directions, 36% said that half of their students lacked academic skills that were needed, and 34% stated that half of their class found it difficult to work independently. These are important skills that could be taught and learned before a child heads off to kindergarten.
Children enjoy learning, and can be taught many important things at a young age, such as the alphabet, numbers, or reading skills, through art and music. A young mind is eager for knowledge, and attending a preschool from the age of one can help a child reach their minds full potential. When a child is able to learn through play, he or she can stick with a task and learn needed skills that will help them in their years to come.

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