Are You Ready to Move Off Campus?

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What do you remember most about your years in college? Is it the friends that you made who stood up with you in your wedding? Is it the all night study sessions finishing 20+ page research papers? The 20 hours a week of college gymnastics practice in addition to all of those research papers? Is it the horrible dorm food? Or, is it the first time you moved to off campus apartments with your four favorite friends?
Off campus apartments are an adventure for many young college students. They are the first real place that makes it feel like you are nearing adulthood and able to live on your own. Cooking for yourself, doing your own laundry, paying your own rent and utility bills, and finding a place to park and carry groceries inside seem like a fun adventure at first, but can quickly become a chore for students who are unprepared to take on the realities of getting older.
Apartments for college students obviously come in a variety of price ranges and sizes. College student apartments can include nothing but the walls and the carpet, or can come fully furnished with seating, kitchen appliances, washers and dryers, and cable and internet hook-ups. Making the choice about what you want and how much you want to spent once you move off campus is a big decision.
Some students see off campus living as the best options. Especially at large universities where housing is sometimes limited, many times student housing arrangements become full on campus quickly. It is often good to have a back up plan that will allow a student to have a secure off campus apartments situation in mind or on hold. For some, the reason for living off campus involves getting out of crowded dormitories and assigned roommates. For instance, some college students in America prefer off-campus housing arrangements because they provide more privacy and the opportunity to carefully select each roommate.
Although off campus housing may provide more space, more luxuries and more freedom, it can also have its downfalls. When arranging off-campus housing, renters and their parents should always do a thorough check for damages and problems before signing any lease or rental contract. Taking pictures of damage and submitting them to the landlord before hand can prevent you from becoming liable and having to pay for damages you did not cause. Renters also need to be very careful that they understand what utilities are included in their rent and what utilities will be billed separately. Utilities billed to the renters may require extra deposits.
College can be a very fun and exciting time. The roommates you have are often the people who become your friends for life, especially if you get to spend a few years living together in the perfect location!

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