Boost Your Career With an Undergraduate Degree

Human development and family studies degree

If you think you don’t have the time or money to attend college, think again. You may feel that with a job, kids and commute, you have your hands full and can’t take on any more responsibilities. But you may be pleasantly surprised to find that more and more colleges are keeping in mind the needs of non-traditional students.

An undergraduate degree in history, psychology, communications, interdisciplinary studies or medical laboratory science can give you that edge in the workplace and increase your earning power.

A college degree expands your earning power

Even in a struggling economy, it’s true that individuals with a bachelors degree earn more than those who have a high school education. In 2012 Pew Research reported that those with an undergraduate degree have a median annual salary of $45,500. This is well above the median salary earned by those with only some college education, who earn $30,000 per year. Those with a high-school diploma earn a median annual salary of $28,000.

The college advantage is apparent for the newest generation to enter the workforce. By 2013, the vast majority of college-educated millennials with jobs were working full-time. Also in 2013, people with four-year college degrees were earning on average 98% more each hour than people without a four-year degree.

Taking classes is easier than ever

Colleges are paying more attention to the needs of adult education programs. They understand how your life works and how to build a four-year college degree program around your existing commitments and responsibilities. Many colleges now offer solutions to the most pressing problems that prevent people from enrolling in college classes.

They offer:

  • Night and weekend classes
  • Daycare
  • Free parking with bus shuttle to building; Easy access to public transportation
  • Scholarships to cover tuition and books

With many undergraduate degrees to choose from including English, psychology, history, communications, and interdisciplinary studies, an undergraduate degree can give your career the boost it needs.

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