Common Uses of Coil Springs

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Coil springs are the most common type of spring, and can be found in many different products. Of course, there are different types of coil springs for different jobs, including compression springs, tension springs, and torsion springs. Custom coil springs can be made for any project, as they are fairly simple and cost-effective to manufacture.

When most people think of springs, they think of compression coil springs, which are made to resist being compressed. Compression springs are commonly found inside mattresses, box springs, and upholstery, to support the weight of the person using that piece of furniture. Furniture made with compression springs can be fairly comfortable for many years, unless the spring breaks or begins to poke through the cushion.

Buckling springs are coil springs serving a very specific purpose. Instead of compressing and decompressing, buckling springs bend under pressure, then snap back to straightness when the pressure is released. The buckling spring was invented for use in computer keyboards. While the buckling spring keyboard is no longer in widespread use, many computer users prefer it, and will seek out older keyboards for use with their new devices. The buckling spring keyboard is considered one of the most durable and reliable keyboards on the market today.

Custom coil springs are made for use in cars, trucks, motorcycles and dirt bikes for shock absorption purposes. Automotive springs are usually installed in the undercarriage of the vehicle to negate the effects of extremely bumpy or uneven roads.

Torsion springs, which work by twisting rather than compression, can be found in a variety of products. They are extremely common in pendulum clocks and mechanical watches, helping the device keep time. Torsion springs are a key component of clothespins and mousetraps, keeping houses clean and rodent-free for centuries.

If, for some reason, a spring in your mattress, keyboard, or clock breaks, and you are incapable of obtaining a replacement for that item, there are other options. Custom made springs are widely available through hardware stores and on the internet, making it easier for people to repair and reuse items instead of just throwing them out.

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