How the White House is Helping to Provide Better Early Education

Importance of early childhood education

The importance of early childhood is obvious to anyone who wants to give their child a head start on their future. The benefits are innumerable to give children the structured education they so crave, and it’s not just parents who are recognizing the importance of early education. Even the White House is calling for early learning reform and understands the need to expand high-quality preschools.
In an article from the White House website, President Obama says that early childhood education is one of the “smartest investments that we can make”. In his 2013 State of the Union address, Obama specifically called for congress to expand access to high-quality preschools for every child in America. Private preschools are currently a luxury and investments should be made to support early learning opportunities for all children birth to age five.
Research has shown that when the child?s brain is forming early in life, they are able to absorb the most information. As parents, teachers, and educators, we must take advantage of that critically important time. There is only a small window of opportunity when the child?s mind is like a sponge to develop their mind to its fullest potential. During the first few years of life, cognitive and social skills are quickly shaping. The best preschools can offer the skill-sharpening lessons they need.
Obama’s plan, the Preschool for All Initiative, has been working to improve access to preschools. All 50 states have partnered with POTUS to provide early childhood education programs to Americans with low to moderate income. This initiate also promotes full day preschools for children who need both education and childcare.
This is an important initiative and investment in America’s future. If the President recognizes how important early childhood education is, all parents should as well. Call your local preschools to get your child enrolled today.

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