Resume Building Tips for Educators

Educational administration jobs

Searching for college teaching jobs can be time consuming and stressful, but before you even begin your search, you will need to update your resume. Education administrators look at resumes of potential instructors with far more attention than hiring professionals in other industries. Even so, you should spend some time polishing your resume to stand out.

Whether you are applying to a job at Harvard or the Starbucks down the street, your resume should be easy-to-read and uncluttered. Avoid large blocks of text, and use text modifiers such as bolding and underlines judiciously. Place your name and contact information clearly at the top of the page. Avoid excessive use of color and keep your fonts simple, at about 12 points. Anything smaller may be difficult to read.

When looking at resumes to fill faculty jobs, college administrators look for specific examples of previous positions. If you have a lot of experience, leave out irrelevant positions. Be sure to list your achievements at each position, avoiding the use of technical jargon that the administrator may not immediately understand. As a potential educator, be sure to list all the credentials and licenses that allow you to teach.

As a candidate for college teaching jobs, you will want to showcase your communication skills in your resume. This means triple-checking for typos and spelling errors. Make sure that the wording of the resume flows nicely. Refrain from using run-on sentences and try to avoid sudden jumps in topic. Bullet points work nicely to encourage a smooth flow in resumes.

Lastly, you should list reliable professional references at the end of your resume. Be sure to include their contact information, your relationship, and how long you have known them. If your resume is running long, you can also place reference information in your cover letter.

Teaching jobs in higher education are often in high demand, so it is crucial that your resume is the best it can be. Once you have finished, have a friend or two look over the resume to be sure you haven’t missed any typos or important information. A strong resume can be your greatest asset in a job search.

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