Things to Look for When Selecting a Prechool for Your Child


Choosing the right school for your child is a big decision. When searching for the right preschool to nurture your little one and provide a loving environment that encourages learning, a lot goes into your decision. Knowing specific things to look for helps parents make an informed choice.

What Should Parents Look for in a School?
When selecting the right school for your child you want to take time to visit the school. Try to plan your visit during instructional time to physically view the type of instruction and organization in the classroom. See what type of learning is involved and how learning is tailored to each individual child. Seek advice from friends and go to interviews at the school.

Nurturing Environment:
Make sure that the environment nurtures early childhood education. Learning should engage the children. Preschoolers typically learn basic shapes, body parts and colors so they are school ready. In addition to this they also learn to recognize capital letters of the alphabet. A wide variety of activities should be included in daily activities. Activities such as arts and crafts, dancing, singing and free play should be incorporated. Alongside these children should experience story time, free play and indoor and outdoor play to address children at all skill levels.

Experienced Staff:
Aside from the environment and the classroom activities, it is just as important to ensure there are experienced professionals teaching the children. Inquire about the school regulations and whether the school is accredited. Teacher to student ratio should allow the teacher to properly control the classroom while teaching. Employee turnover is another good recommendation. Long term employees shows that the staff is happy and that children can enjoy a lasting relationship with their teacher.

Make a list and visit with the schools while you have your child. See how your child responds to the staff and the teachers to allow your child to be involved in this important decision. Inquire about parental participation and how the school feels about a parent’s voice, or parents having some say in their children’s education.

The amount of time and the effort invested in picking the right school for your child is well spent. You will rest assured knowing that you did your homework to make the best possible decision. You will be proud of your decision and the fact that your hard work and determination will pay off in their future. Making a choice both you and your child are happy about will make you feel good about your choice.

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