VPK School Readiness How to Help Your Child Prepare for School

Children enjoy learning

VPK school readiness programs can be an asset for any child. A proper preschool experience can help prepare children for the learning experiences and interactions they can expect in school and can even offer them the head start they might be needing. Even if your child is ahead of their peers, VPK school readiness programs can still help engage them in a social and positive learning environment that can set the tone for the rest of their educational careers.

Preschool programs are highly rated for helping your child develop and learn important coping skills for interacting with others and learning in a social environment. If you are not fully convinced that a VPK school readiness program can benefit your child, read on to find out more about the ways preschool can enhance your child’s life:

1.Developing Social Readiness Skills
Just because your child is ahead of their peers in learning does not mean they should skip preschool. Preschool programs are the perfect way to introduce your child (particularly an only child) into the social settings they will coexist in for the next 13+ years. With more than 40% of 3 year olds and 66% of 4 year olds enrolled in preschool programs (as of 2005), therefore not sending your child to some sort of preschool program can set them back, socially.

2. Familiarizing Kids With Learning Practices
No matter how far along your child is with their education, learning at home or on their own is very different from kids learning from instructors or other children. By the time they are 4, your child should know anywhere from 12 to 15 letters of the alphabet, but preschool instruction can help turn this knowledge into more useful information for your child. Connecting letters to animals and other familiar objects through learning games and instruction can make learning fun and exciting for all children.

3. Introducing Children to the Arts
One of the best aspects about some VPK school readiness programs is that they often exposure children to the arts at a very young age. Kids who study the arts are three times more likely to have perfect attendance at school, and four times more likely to earn academic success. Arts can help children learn in different ways and develop passions that they will have for the rest of their lives. Getting your child interested in the arts early can promote numerous future successes.

Enrolling your children in a VPK school readiness
program can help them prepare better for the challenges that lie ahead in kindergarten. From helping them develop important social interaction skills, to piquing their interest in different art forms, preschool can be an enriching environment for any young child. Find out how to start your child for success early on by looking into the best preschool programs in your area.

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