What Can You Do With a Psychology Degree?

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If you’re considering going back to school and getting a college degree, good for you! You’re taking a step toward advancing your education which will help you to make more money in a job you love. In fact, most of college attendees (83%) say that earning their degree “has paid off.” In 2013, Americans who had a four-year college degree made 98% more per hour on average than people without a degree. No matter what you choose to study, you’ll no doubt be presented with many career options when you get that degree, but if you want to enter in to a field of study that is interesting, stimulating, and has great career options, you should consider a psychology degree.

So, what can you do with a psychology degree?

1. You can help others.

When you pursue a psychology degree, you will learn more than you could ever imagine about the human brain. This knowledge can be used to help others if you decide to enter into a career in counseling, therapy, or social work. As an expert problem solver and communicator, you will be able to help clients work through their emotions, work out conflicts with others, and become more confident in themselves.

2. You can continue your education.

By earning a psychology degree you are setting the foundation for pursuing a graduate degree. With a bachelors degree in psychology, you can attend graduate school and work on a masters degree which can open more doors for you in terms of career options and earning potential. A masters degree in psychology can even help you to pursue a career in teaching psychology, which happens to be our next point.

3. You can teach others.

With the solid foundation of a psychology degree and a masters degree in the field, you can become qualified to teach psychology at the college level. If psychology is your passion, you may find that your career path will lead you to share that passion with others by becoming a psychology professor. If you combine your psychology degree with a degree in education, you may even be able to teach psychology at the high school level and inspire young men and women to enter this fascinating field.

As you can see, there are numerous ways you can use your psychology degree. Right now, about 6% of college graduates majored in psychology, so it is still a budding field. However, it is one that will provide you with many career options. If you’re in school now, speak with an advisor about your psychology interest to see which classes you will need to take to earn this degree. If you’re still considering going back to school, be proactive and call the colleges you are interested in attending and ask them about their psychology departments and how they can help their graduates find great careers after graduation day.

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