What to Remember About Renting Student Apartments

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Are you on the hunt for student apartments? This time of year it seems like everyone is. Actually, according to data from the 2012 Census there were a little over 50,000 residents living in student housing. As you can probably see, you aren’t alone in your search. Living in student housing can be an awesome experience and a way to meet some life long friends, but you need to make sure you’re in the right place. Below are a few tips for finding student apartments, on or off campus.

1. Location When looking for student apartments one of the main priorities should be the location. You’ll need to figure out how you think you will primarily be getting to and from class to determine how close you need to be. For instance, if are an avid biker and plan on riding your bike to classes on most days then you may be able to live a bit further away than someone who only walks to and from class. Apartments for college students tend to be close to campus for this reason, but sometimes you’ll find them farther away – so before signing a lease just make sure the location works for your lifestyle.

2. Safety – A lot of college students in the U.S. prefer to live in off-campus housing arrangements because they provide more privacy.If you are moving to a new city where you don’t know many people and will be away form home you (and your mother) will want to make sure that your off campus student housing is in a safe neighborhood. Some safety features to look for are: a garage, and well lit entrances, exits, and parking lots. Having a garage is not only a benefit when bad weather hits, but is also an added safety precaution. If your on campus housing include a roommate that you don’t know you may want to send a friendly email to break the ice before move in day.

3. Amenities – Sometimes, when hunting for student apartments, people forget to balance out the amenities with what they are paying. Depending on the person the amenities can sometimes make or break a student housing experience. Maybe you are a person who really doesn’t like going to the laundry mat so having an in unit washer and dryer is a deal breaker for you. Other people feel the same way about a dishwasher or backyard. The amenities that you require depend entirely on you, but you should make sure you that the student housing you choose can support those preferences. Always remember to plan financially for extra costs associated with off-campus housing arrangements and extra amenities.

Looking for an apartment doesn’t have to be stressful. It can be a rewarding experience and leave you feeling a huge sense of accomplishment. When looking for student apartments just remember to consider the location, safety, and amenities of each unit you see. Make the right decision for your lifestyle and you’ll be set!

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