Why private school? Here are Three Reasons Why

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As parents, the thing we want most for our children is for them to feel activated and happy as they go on through life. While many believe that the kind of education a child receives doesn’t matter, experts might disagree. Attending private school offers a plethora of benefits for young children, that will ultimately help them to be the happy and successful person you hope they’ll be someday.
Here are three benefits of private school:
Smaller Class Size
Did you know that the average private school has a student capacity of 300 children or less? Public schools, on the other hand, often have at least 33 in each grade of schooling. Smaller class sizes greatly benefit children because they give students the privilege of individualized attention. Small classes mean that teachers are able to better accomodate to their students individual needs. In addition, school becomes a community. Rather than just a middle school or a high school, the educational environment is transformed into a small, close-knit and safe community.

Better Grades
Because of this individualized attention and a slew of other factors, such as allocated funding, students are able to excel and achieve higher grades in the classroom and on standardized tests. For example, recent surveys show that students who attend private school tend to score an average of 50 points higher on each section of the SAT, resulting in a 150-point advantage.

Extracurricular Activities
Whether it’s high school basketball or cheerleading, student athletes at private schools are able to find their athletic niche with ease and comfort. Private schools also greatly value music and the arts, so individuals who care deeply about music and other artistic activities are able to better able to find activities that resonate with them on a personal level. And in light of college credentials, having extracurricular on your resume is a mark of achievement and ambition that any board of acceptance will take note of!


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