Why Your Kid Needs More Play Time

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Keeping up with the Joneses has us all doing a lot of crazy things: buying top of the line gadgets, weird cars and all kinds of expensive jewelry. Among all the things that will pay of when competing with The Joneses, though, is investing in our children. When your neighbors send to private school, so do you. When others hire tutors, you should too. But here’s another part of parenthood that you should keep in mind when competing with your peers: play time, while seemingly frivolous, is play time. Even if it’s just a mommy and me swim classes, you gotta get out there.

Research shows that play makes children more artistic and creative. It is known, after all, that children fun activities are an important part of cognitive, emotional and physical health. So with this many benefits to play time, how come so many kids are getting scheduled for structured activity from morning until night?

Some parents opt for additional studious activities instead of looking into acting classes for children or dance classes for children. The reality is that children spend 8 hours each day studying and grooming themselves for adulthood. After those 8 hours, children should be allowed to cultivate other parts of their being. For example, parts that grow their imaginative side.

If you can’t escape the worry of your child blossoming into a hippie, there are still some options for you. For example, mommy and me swim classes and even pottery classes for kids will help to jog the creative side. Just remember, a person’s imagination is more vibrant during childhood than any other time in life. If you don’t message that muscle early on, it’s easy to lose.

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