With Corporate Childcare, You Can Have it All

Employers with onsite childcare

The American dream is lovely yet complicated one indeed: go to college, find the career of your dreams, earn the money to buy your own home, and marry your one true love and settle down and have children. But for many, particularly women, having the time to do all of these things seems nearly impossible. In addition to careers and parenthood, modern day women have roles at home that are taxing and almost a career in itself. That being said, sometimes it feels impossible and incredibly overwhelming to hold everything at once.
Luckily, the modern workplace offers a solution for working parents who need the extra help. In fact, more than 80 of the top companies offer these solutions for corporate childcare. Typically, these workplace-funded daycare facilities are subsidized by the employers themselves.
And these services are making a huge impact. Did you know that 90% of the cost of childcare costs are usually funded by parents, and nearly 11 million children under the age of five are in some sort of childcare facility? This puts huge financial strain on parents, and ultimately affects overall performance. In fact, studies show that childcare and workplace productivity are highly correlated with one another; when parents know that their children are being cared for in close proximity, their performance drastically increases and their loyalty towards the company does as well.
If you think about it, workplace-funded childcare should have started happening quite some time ago. Parents no longer have to scramble, wondering how to choose a daycare for their child. Instead, looking for corporate daycare should be the option in mind.
If you’re looking into solutions for corporate childcare, don’t hesitate to ask your boss or CEO about the matter. The benefits of corporate childcare extend to both management and employees alike, making the workplace a happier more productive place to be.

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