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  • Autistic Workers Facing More Opportunities in the Tech Industry

    Many information technology (IT) companies are beginning new programs to target autistic people for potential jobs. According to Diginomica, these tech companies are looking to hire autistic workers to utilize their skills, strengths, and abilities. Too many people have only focuses on the negatives regarding employees working with autism, but now we are seeing significant […]

  • Grade School Readiness 101 Simple Ways Parents Can Determine Grade School Readiness in Their Children

    Like most areas of this thing called life, parenting neither comes with a handbook nor directions for assembly. Instead, it throws you lemons from which to make lemonade, plenty of trial and error, and forks in the road in terms of tough decisions. And the only way that tough decisions get any easier is with […]

  • Have You Considered Becoming A Tattoo Artist? Here’s What You Should Know

    Why are tattoos one of the most enduring forms of art in human history? Some would cite the semi-permanency of the craft, emphasizing the devotion and passion it takes to imprint a drawing or design on your skin for years to come. Others would say it’s the myriad of unique perspectives that surround the culture […]

  • 8 Reasons Why Preschool Is a Good Idea

    Children are always learning. Their minds are like sponges from the time of birth all the way through middle school, high school and beyond sometimes. With all the resources at kids’ fingertips like the school library and honors programs and other things, it’s almost impossible for your child not to be learning all the time. […]

  • Becoming a Tattoo Artist Four Helpful Steps in the Right Direction

    In the past few years, tattoo culture has begun to change in unexpected ways. Now that it is commonplace for people to have tattoos, like more than 20% of the adults in the U.S., the creative envelope is continually being pushed. Many parlors have long since deviated from American or Japanese traditional tattoo styles to […]

  • La Casa Offers Affordable Student Housing Programs to Chicago Kids

    A college education can be one of the most valuable things a person can have and it’s becoming more and more popular and available to people across the country. An estimated 6,837,605 students enrolled in 4 year college programs in the United States in 2013. Of course, one of the biggest drawbacks to going to […]